Safety Flooring

Safety Flooring

Anti-Slip Flooring

Substrates can be rendered anti – slip by incorporating an aggregate into the coating system being used. We us the aggregate Bauxite, this is a natural, very hard mineral used predominantly in road systems for its high-friction and anti-skid properties. The majority of public sector systems will specify that Calcined Bauxite be used in their road and pedestrian crossing installations.

Its hardness is also beneficial in internal and external industrial flooring applications where a very hard and long lasting mineral is required to give high-friction, anti-slip performance.

Line Marking & Demarcation

Line marking and demarcations are used in warehouses and garages to keep your employees safe giving clear routes whether it be for pedestrians, fork lifts or designated storage areas.  Current health & safety legislation requires business owners as well as property owners to provide clear demarcation lines for factory floors, pedestrian walkways and trucking lanes. Our specialists work with you to ensure you comply with this legislation. We offer high quality line marking solutions on the premise of cost efficiency while maintaining a close attention to detail on every completed line marking project.


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