Discover Our Range Of Epoxy Garage Floor Paints

If time and usage has taken its toll on your garage flooring, you may be searching for a method of restoring it to look like new. One way to restore your garage flooring is with a fresh layer of paint and what better choice than epoxy garage floor paint.

North West Industrial Flooring uses a variety of high quality epoxy floor paints made from specially formulated epoxy, perfect for use in garages and other facilities. Whether you’re building a brand new garage or refurbishing an old one, our specially developed epoxy floor paints are the best way to protect your flooring.

With a selection of epoxy floor paints, from self-levelling epoxy to water-based epoxy, we can find the right floor paint for your garage. These coatings are durable enough that they can handle exposure to a variety of chemicals & heavy vehicles driving over them.

Why use epoxy floor paints for your flooring?

If you are searching for quality floor paints that can stand the test of time, we have the perfect solution. Easy to apply and incredibly durable, epoxy floor paints stick well to smooth surfaces like concrete and will last for years.

Despite how incredibly smooth epoxy floor paints are, they also offer exceptional gripping for people walking on it, reducing the chance of slips and accidents. Due to the hardwearing nature of the floor paint, it can also handle heavy weights and objects being dropped on it.

Protect your garage floor with bespoke flooring solutions from North West Industrial Flooring.

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