Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair Mortars & Scratch Coats

Concrete Repair Mortars are used for the repair of damaged concrete floors, walls, beams and steps. The newly formed repair will give a repaired mortar surface many times stronger than the original in a short space of time.

Benefits include;

• High Strength
• Good Flexibility
• Good Adhesion
• No Shrinkage Repair
• Chemical Resistant
• Low Odour
• Easy to use

Epoxy Scratch Coat is a 3 pack solvent free self -smoothing repair mortar, normally used to repair floors prior to painting over. The product is low in odour and food safe.


• Can be used on feather edge repairs
• Can be poured into holes 0-10mm in depth.
• Can be used as a bolt hole sealer
• Can be used as a grout for setting floor bolts.
• Can be over painted with Epoxy resin coatings.

Concrete Levellers are a single part concrete floor leveller which contain a compound of specially graded fillers, fine cements and polymers for smoothing and levelling internal floors with irregular substrates, prior to the application of floor coatings.  They have a set time from as little as 2 hours and can be laid at depths from 2mm to 50mm. They are suitable for use on all common building substrates including concrete, sand/cement screeds, flooring grade, asphalt, floors with under floor heating, and can be used over screwed and fixed boarded floors.

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